Angy Avendaño

1981 - Born in Venezuela, Works and Lives in Argentina

>> My work explores the relationship between gender politics and nature. With influences as diverse as Gustav Klimt and Soey Milk, new synergies are crafted from both orderly and theatrical illustrations.

The artwork I produce is a reflection and a translation of my own self as a woman. Raised by women in a Latin-American context, the emotional and sensitive link I have with them influence my work.

The part of my work process that I enjoy most is when an idea starts materialising and finally I can share my believes and feelings with the world.

Ever since I was a student I have been fascinated by the empowering upraising of the female voice across the world. What starts out as triumph soon becomes finessed into a tragedy of distress, leaving only a sense of nihilism and the chance of a new beginning. <<