Application for Representation


You have the idea, we have the infrastructure – so you can focus on doing the stuff what you are mainly interested in

  • Our limited edition prints are the original artwork – it’s not a reproduction of an “original”

    • This means that your artwork is meant to be a limited edition print

    • We don’t work with oil paintings / aquarelle etc.

  • Your print will be exclusively available through our shop for the agreed timeframe.

    • You can, of course, promote it yourself, however the actual sales has to come through our platform.

    • E.g. if we run pop up art exhibitions, buyers on the day normally use our platform to complete the purchase cycle.

  • You should have at least 10 high quality artworks available for our platform.

    • This also includes a short description of the meaning of each artwork which gives a better understanding for potential buyers.

  • We need an artist statement and a picture of yourself for the promotion

  • Your prints should be good enough print quality in the size which we decide together

    • We normally print up to A2 format and not smaller than A4.

  • We print to order, this means that only if someone buys the print, we will produce and ship it.

    • This means that you won’t be able to sign the print yourself, but are welcome to have a digital version of your signature which will be part of the print.

    • Please see an example here:

Blue Bee Gallery - Glimpse - Stefan Finsinger
  • We will do the marketing and promotions

  • We will do the handling of the sales and finance stuff

  • We don’t charge any upfront costs, only a commission on the sales net profit

  • this means we only get money if you start selling

    • If we include your artwork in a pop up art exhibition, we will take care of all costs involved.

  • We may write a promotional artwork review or conduct an interview with you

    • This will be send to your approval and feedback before publishing online

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