Open Call For Artists


What is it all about?

Yet another art magazine is about to be launched. Nobody has waited for this, however, we are keen to support Emerging and Raising Artists from around the world. And isn’t there always room for another inspirational collection of visual soul food.

We aim to include features and interviews with artists, art collectors and art curators to give a full picture and insight into the art world.

In the true spirit of Blue Bee, it will be an online magazine which will be printed by demand. We searched thoroughly for the perfect supplier – the paper, binding and colour saturation needed to satisfy our fastidious editorial team. We only put our name on it, if it’s the best quality available.

The first edition of BLUE BEE magazine is about to launch in September 2019 alongside our next Pop Up Art Exhibition in Barcelona, Spain. We are currently looking for artists who want to get featured in the magazine.

Our coffee table style magazine will feature around 100 pages. Although Blue Bee Gallery is specialised in limited edition prints, we are open for all facets of the visual art spectrum.

In contrary to other art magazines, which invite to participation, we are editorially led and aim to have at least 70-80% editorial pages with artwork reviews and interviews. If we ask you for participation, we don’t expect any payments, but won’t give any promises neither.

Our editorial team will review all applications and reach out to the most striking ones for further discussions. This may take some time because we consider each submission carefully and discuss thoroughly the potential.

Please don’t be upset if we haven’t selected you for this issue but encourage you to try it with different artworks for a future edition.

Definitely, want to be featured in the next issue? There are paid options available, of course. Either in the form of a promotion or advertising

If you want to support our launch with a pre-order of the printed version? RSP will be £21 per magazine, but as pre-order, you will get the Winter edition free of charge. This means you will get 241.  

Participation deadline for this magazine: 30th June  2019

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