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Life is beautiful. But is it? And how do we fit into this whole thing?

  • Deptford does art 28 Deptford High St London SE8 4AF United Kingdom (map)

The next show of Deptford Does Art, in conjunction with Blue Bee Gallery, features the artwork of two emerging artists. Angy Avendaño and Stefan Finsinger reflect on this question with a different angle, from other sides of the world.

Stefan Finsinger, an abstract artist, lives and works in SE16 London. He comes from a melancholic side. Stefan reflects on the monotone pattern of life. Is it beautiful and comforting or deeply depressing? Are glimpses of another life reality or are they a mass fabricated, attention seeking universes of promotional marketing material? Can we trust the greener grass somewhere else or shall we be happy with the gentle supporting, perhaps overlooked wings which span over us?

Angy Avendaño, a feminist artist, lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She comes from a feistier side and reflects on her role as a woman in society. How does she perceive herself and how do others perceive her? What are her aspirations and how do others evaluate them. Women can be presidents. Women can fly to the moon. Women can reinvent technology and science. But are they expected to? Will they still have to fight the prejudices of socities first, smash glass ceilings before they can start focusing on a career?

How do they fit into society? Both artists reflect on life from a different angle. In this exhibition, we start with the abstract melancholiac side. Abstract art is not meant for everyone, probably overlooked by the many. It’s an antidote to attention seeking messages which are about to hit us in the second side of the room. These substance loaded pictures will capture the attention of a goldfish. (worth Googling the fact on attention spans). After all, a butterfly can lead to large differences in a later stage. It would be great if a bypassing conversation about those pictures could lead to changes in the societies of today.

Both artists work with monochrome paintings on a colourful background. Fine liner hand painted, digitalised and edited to perfection. All artwork is available as limited edition giclée printed on German Etching Paper in A2 size. Both artists have been producing art for a while. But, only recently curator and gallerist Jean Mora discovered them and started to represent them.

Private View on the 21st June 2019 from 7pm - 10pm

Event on the 22nd June 2019 - Charity Fund Raising Event


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