What will happen if we break out of the everyday life?

“Glimpse” depicts a squared pattern which form a bigger square. The elements are hastily scribbled in black with white filling. Only four squares are missing which allow the background colour to shine through. This limited edition print is part of the square pattern collection by Stefan Finsinger.

“Glimpse” reflects on the unpredictable outcome of having a break of everyday life.

There is a comfort in knowing and discomfort in the unknown. Living a monotone, meditative, trance like life is the preferred state of the majority in our generation. They may not be aware because every day seems differently shaped. These fine nuances of the pattern seem exciting to the many.  

Only holidays give you a glimpse of another world – a break of the everyday pattern of life. Even then, people fall into a repetitive vacation routine. >> I don’t know how often I have been to the same place again and again. Knowing is comfort. <<

Cooperates tends to support this feeling and provide a save, monotone workplace. You have just enough work to keep you busy and just enough social events to keep moral up. A steady salary makes it even more difficult to leave a comforting surrounding.

But once you engage with the thought of what else is out there, experience the opportunities and live something else, it’s difficult to go back. Suddenly, the whole life looks like a patterned summary of scribbled squares. No real thought behind it and not even pretty. Imperfection everywhere you look. The perfectly even background with its intriguing colour suddenly stands out more.

The grass is always greener somewhere else. >> But the Germans would say: A farmer won't eat what he doesn't know. Meaning that people don’t like things, although they haven’t tried them yet. For no particular reason. <<

It’s easier to fall back to the comfort of everyday life and only dream of the grass on the other side.

“Glimpse” is part of the geometric pattern collection of Stefan Finsinger available on www.BlueBeeGallery.com .