"Ada" Celebrates the Female Strength, Beauty and Power

Ada” by Angy Avendaño depicts the face of a young woman. The head rests on a fist and the body seems to emerge from a flowering plant. She has a headband with heart pattern and there is a heart in the background above her right eyebrow. This black painting is giclee printed with a beige background.

This artwork reminds of “We Can Do It!” from J. Howard Miller, perhaps the most important painting representing the feminist movement. But, instead of the clear focus on the bicep like in Miller´s poster, Ada´s head rests on a closed fist. This reminds of “The Thinker” from Auguste Rodin.

This piece represents the strength, beauty and power of women. We shouldn’t be afraid if our personality outgrows our surrounding and becomes the dominant figure. Although beauty may sometimes seem intimidating, behind every powerful stare is a gentle and loving personality.

After an initial positive idea of a free, strong and powerful woman an inner conflict is emerging.  It depicts the secret wish for love and fragility. And although admired for the beauty, Ada is seemingly trapped to stay in a place like a flower in the ground. Nowhere to go. 

Angy Avendaño is depicting the ongoing struggle of women in a post-suffragette world. On the one hand, “Ada” celebrates the incredible achievements of women in our society. On the other side, it should invite women to continue breaking gender barriers and glass ceilings. >>Although I live in a land which had female presidents, the fight for equality seems sometimes exhausting and far from over.

This piece should give women everywhere in the world energy and power to grow and flourish. <<

“Ada” is part of the strong female painting collection at www.BlueBeeGallery.com. Her painting is available in a limited edition print.