A reflection on the fragile, potential beauty of the unknown.

“Deep Ocean” shows a square which is formed from a smaller squared pattern. Each square is filled with another tone of blue which ranges from light to deep dark. In contrast to the previous artwork of Stefan Finsinger, the colour is within the squares and not the background.

“Deep Ocean” reflects on the potential beauty of the unknown and the risk of losing it.

The colour gradient from light to dark reminds of the disappearing light, once it enters the water. At first, seeing this gradient in a beautiful and magical thing. But the deeper we travel and engage with this unknown environment, the more alienating it seems. This hostile environment to humans is difficult to explore and hardly anyone has managed the journey.

We know more about the space than the deep ocean. But does this mean that it’s not worth exploring? Deeper waters remain a mystery even though we are relying more and more on these areas for food, medicine, and other resources. Pictures from inhabitants are alien-like and mystical itself, but sometime really beautiful.

The white elements between the squares represent the imperfection of this ecosystem. Our passion for beach holidays and some media attention-grabbing pictures of plastic pollution has led to a global outcry to #savetheocean. Yet, nobody has really spoken or explored the impact on the unseen area, just 66% of Earth's surface.

And is this as well a reflection of other areas like the human mind? Do we actually understand the unconscious mind and how it works? We may use more than only 10% of our brain, but how much is explored fully? And is it worth exploring? Or would we discover a darker, unknown and alienating side of ourselves?

Blue Bee Gallery - Stefan Finsinger - “Deep Ocean” - Limited Edition Print - Pattern Art - Minimalisn

“Deep Ocean” is part of the pattern art collection of Stefan Finsinger. Available at www.BlueBeeGallery.com as limited edition Giclée prints.