A reflection of the ongoing fight for female equality

“Grip” by Angy Avendaño shows a fist emerging from a heart and floral surrounding. Above the well-manicured female fist is a moth flying into the sky.

The artwork reflects on the ongoing fight for equal rights for women in our society. The heart and inner growing passion may be the source of this outspoken expression of discomfort. But, how we display it and communicate it to the outside world is the major focus of this painting.

The emerging fist shines like a lightbulb and dominates the message of the painting. Although the hand is formed in a fist, the message shouldn’t be a violent one. It’s just a protest against the current status quo.

“Grip” is a call for unity and to unify in the fight of women everywhere. We should get a grip on things and demand for things to be equal for everyone. If we continue our idleness, nothing will ever change.

>> My artwork probably won’t change the world. But it may spark some conversations. Like a butterfly in the jungle, a small beat of a wing may lead to big waves which change societies. I would be happy because everyone has a voice.<<

A moth is a symbol of luck. In this context carefully placed to guide the fist to success. Seeing our global state of society and our female place in it, luck may be needed in this ongoing fight for justice.

Introvertive societies tend to radicalisation. A wall won’t stop that. "The so-called 21 Century Socialism" is not the right way to go about it, but everyone should be the same. Governments shouldn’t dictate this, but officials shouldn’t work against this mentality neither.

In our socially outspoken society, micro influencers tend to have a higher impact on society. Even a small supportive mention from the many to the few can influence the masses.

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