Women’s Day should remind us of the sacrifices that our ancestors have made in life and what they were fighting for. Not only the famous suffragettes but every woman before them as well. Women around the globe should be thankful for the rights they can enjoy today. But in a time of #metoo and #balanceforbetter, equality seems still a distant hope.

Today is a day to remind us that half of the human population still won’t have the same rights, reputation and status in life than men do. In some undeveloped countries, even life, identity, education and reproductive rights are controlled on their behalf.

#BalanceForBetter is needed, but in some areas of the world more than others. Let’s don’t forget that we are all citizen of one world, not only a small country within it. And if you consider further discriminatory facts in life, intersectional feminism may be more relevant nowadays. This doesn’t mean that only women of colour or religion should fight for equal rights for everyone. But, everyone should fight for equal rights for everyone, independent of colour, religion or sex.

Blue Bee Gallery - International Womens Day - #BalanceForBetter - Picture of Women

Angy Avendano is a feminist artist who champions the power of women in her artwork. Her eloquent and expressive paintings reflect on the role of women in our society. She wants to make a statement all year long, not only for one day a year.

>> The artwork I produce is a reflection and a translation of my own self as a woman. Raised by women in a Latin-American context, the emotional and sensitive link I have with them influence my work.

Although I live in a land which had female presidents, the fight for equality seems sometimes exhausting and far from over.

This piece should give women everywhere in the world energy and power to grow and flourish. <<

The artwork of Angy Avendano is available as limited edition prints at BlueBeeGallery.com. The next pop up art exhibition including her work is on the 13th April in London.

Please support the work of Any by attending our group show from 3pm to 6pm (only) at The Old Mortuary/St Marychurch St, London SE16 4JE, United Kingdom.