New Gallery in Town

Yet another online art gallery has opened. Nobody has waited for this, but curator Mr. Jean has felt the need to represent, support and invest in two emerging artists: Angy Avendaño and Stefan Finsinger.

Mr. Jean trained at the University of architecture in Venezuela and Barcelona. He is a passionate art collector ever since and already invested in a few emerging artists from around the world. Mr. Jean experiments with urban landscape paintings himself. His passion for graphics styled paintings can also be found in the artwork of the first two artists which he represents in Blue Bee Gallery.

Angy Avendaño lives and works in Argentina. She dedicates her art to strong female characters and nature. These two topics sometimes morph into one and should remind us of our position in the world.

Stefan Finsinger lives and works in the United Kingdom. His artwork, too, is influenced by the thought of "the whole is more than the sum of its parts". His geometric style simple prints reflect on the pattern of life.

While Blue Bee Gallery is a online platform which is specialised in limited prints. It will run pop up private views in Europe and the Americas on ad hoc basis. Subscribers to the email newsletter will receive exclusive invitations and first tip for sometimes limited tickets.

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Jean Mora