Social Media and Advertising is fueling FOMO for a “New Beginning”.

"New Beginning" from Stefan Finsinger is part of the pattern graphic collection. Hastily scribbled squared patterns form together a bigger square. The whole is more than the sum of it´s part. But, there are a few squares missing at the bottom right. The bright yellow background seems to dominate the picture.

This work reflects on our lives as we live it. We follow the same pattern every day. Everything is in predictably order. But, the squares are just hastily scribbled down. We just finish the days without much thought. This imperfection should represent the fine nuances of the daily life as we experience it. We're comfortable and have a good understanding of what's going to happen in the days / months to come. Even if not every day is the same – but kind of is.

 The missing squares should symbolize a new beginning - a breakthrough of the monotone pattern of life. Life may be brighter on the other side. Only if you stop following the rhythm of the daily routine, new and exciting things may emerge.

 >> I do not want to say it's easy and any change will bring immediate success. Therefore, there is another line second to last. It´s always easy to fall back to the comforting patterned routine. And life is not over, so we don't know if there will be other rows in the future. <<

 This artwork should reflect the every growing self-doubt of people about their life. Social Media and Advertising is fueling FOMO for a “New Beginning”. After an initial positive connotation, a subtle negative constraint and control is emerging. But, a majority of the viewers will not capture the meaning of this piece in full, as the attention span of our generation is shorter than the one of a goldfish.

 Art gallerist Jean Mora has discovered this emerging artist and supports his work. “New Beginning” and other artworks are available at as limited edition prints in A2 format.