Can you find the hidden message?

“Oxfords” by Angy Avendaño depicts two feet, casually crossed. The focus point is the two female Oxford shoes in the middle of a square. This piece is part of Angy’s monochrome, feminist painting series. In contrast to her other work, this artwork doesn’t concentrate on a fighting symbolism nor a strong female face. It shouldn’t be a call to action but a call to reflection.

The off centre focus on the shoes reminds of a picture riddle. Perhaps even a university challenge.

>> This piece invites the beholder to connect the dots in order to disclose the real meaning. The hidden symbolism may not be visible for everyone. But for the ones, who take up the challenge, it will reveal an emotional meaning. <<

“Oxfords” celebrates the achievement of women in a men dominated world. First signs are emerging that women can outnumber men in established institutions. And that a future generation could even live in a “female-first” world.

The painting is a homage to the first year in history that more women than men were admitted into Oxford University. A small thing on a wider scale but a big step in female history and the right direction. And definitely a change in Oxford Universities more than 1,000-year history.

The light-hearted nature of the piece should represent that this should go without fighting. Thanks to our ancestor suffragettes, there is a sign that women can finally concentrate on their career rather than the battle for justice. Although there is still a call for equality in Western Countries, their status quo should be used as a blueprint for emerging countries. 

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