What's with the need for guidance of intangible signs?

>> When I learned about geometry at school, I was taken by the figure of a star. Only a few carefully positioned lines produce a completely new shape. A three dimensional curved object emerge out of a few straight lines. It was an inspiration that everything seemed possible. <<

Stefan deconstructs this traditional geometric shape and rearranges it in the same way; just in an unconventional way. The hastily scribbled, imperfect elements form something very familiar.

The star element is deliberately kept in the harsh black and white in order to let the background colour stand out. The colour enhances the true meaning of the picture.

You know the twilight when the sun paints the sky in a beautiful pink? Just for a few minutes. It’s a magical time and hardly anyone can object to its beauty. It’s also the time of the day when the last stars are still visible. Until the bright sunlight makes them fade into the background.

>> As a frequent traveller, I have seen this experience quite often on my early morning journeys over the clouds. It’s the time for a new beginning and a fresh start into the day, state of mind and life. <<

People have oriented themselves on stars for millennia. “Star” by Stefan Finsinger reflects on this need for guidance of intangible signs. In our fast moving, attention-seeking society, inspirations and guiding stars are plentiful available. Like, well, stars on the sky. Only if the twilight starts to fade out the weakest, the real Inspirators become more visible and persuasive.

The word FOMO is not even a decade old but already part of the Encyclopaedia. It’s time to de-clutter these influences with a fresh start. Quality is better than quantity. Bright and shouting messages may overshadow the true purpose in life.

The most important influencers may not be perfect; like the irregular pattern in contrary of the straight lines. They may not do things the way what society expects them to do. But the whole is more than the sum of its parts. And the outcome can be even more intriguing as it’s unique.

“Star” by Stefan Finsinger is part of the geometric, pattern collection. The art work is now available at www.BlueBeeGallery.com as limited edition prints.